Final Paper/Presentation/Video Getting into the habit of reading the Wall Street Journal or other economic journals is another goal of this class. You are encouraged to subscribe to the Wall Street Journal. The Journal offers major discounts for students and helps build the much needed knowledge and skills for business majors. Please, make a …

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Wk 5 – Diversity Issues In The U.S. [Due Mon] Wk 5 – Diversity Issues In The U.S.

  Scenario: You are journaling with a friend who has never spent time in the United States but plans to come to live. Your friend has expressed curiosity and concern about some of the challenging diversity issues facing the United States. You have decided to write a journal entry to describe some aspects of what …

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Week 2 Assignment

  21st Century Skills and Standards In this assignment, you need to think about 21st century support systems, the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), and International Society for Technology in Education Student (Links to an external site.) (ISTE-S) standards and their relationship with quality instructional planning, delivery, and learner achievement. Using the Framework for 21st Century …

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence How does emotional intelligence influence teaching and learning? 2-3 paragraphs  Needs help with similar assignment? We are available 24×7 to deliver the best services and assignment ready within 3-4 hours? Order a custom-written, plagiarism-free paper Get Answer Over WhatsApp Order Paper Now

Aaron Case Study

  Case Study #1: Aaron Submit Assignment Due Sunday by 11:59pm Points 1.5 Submitting a text entry box or a file upload Students will complete the case study activities and questions indicated in the calendar that is located in the EIPPA handbook located in the Modules section of the course. Students will respond to the …

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  How the teacher communicates the learning objectives during instruction opens the door to initiate student engagement, motivate student ownership of learning, and set the stage for establishing a clear expectation of learning in the classroom. Review the “Learning Plan Template” to complete this assignment. Complete Part 2: Learning Objectives Plan. Part 1: Learning Objectives …

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These are the types of oral feedback: Explicit Correction Metalinguistic Feedback Elicitation Clarification Request Repetition Recast Metalinguistic Feedback + Explicit Correction Clarification Request + Elicitation A common mistake that teachers make with adults is assuming that adults will receive and embrace feedback in a positive manner. One must remember that adults are among the most …

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Speech Writing

  write a speech to be delivered to an audience in a 5-9 minutes time on the below topic. Also submit the outline of the speech. "Men should get paternity leave" Pls submit the Outline: 1. Introduction 2. Main Body     – Point A     – Point B     – Point C 3. Conclusion Needs help with similar …

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