These are the types of oral feedback:

Explicit Correction
Metalinguistic Feedback
Clarification Request
Metalinguistic Feedback + Explicit Correction
Clarification Request + Elicitation

A common mistake that teachers make with adults is assuming that adults will receive and embrace feedback in a positive manner. One must remember that adults are among the most fragile of learners because many of them are coming from difficult backgrounds; life has not been easy for most of them. Not to mention, the majority of adult ESL learners in general already have self-esteem issues because they have not reached the “timeline” that society has set as an expectation. Feedback and correction must be done in the most clear and gentle manner if we want students to benefit from our instruction.   

Think about yourself as a student as you watch your selected online lesson. How did you feel as a student when receiving feedback from a teacher? Was it done in a gentle, constructive manner? Did you feel safe to make mistakes? Did you feel that you could trust the teacher?  

For this assignment, you will find an ADULT online ESL class, whether from YouTube or an ESL-related website. Reports on ESL classes with children will not be accepted and will receive a grade of zero. Your observation report MUST focus on oral feedback. Reflect on these questions as you watch the videos: How well did the teacher demonstrate these types of feedback in the classroom? How did the students respond? What were the strengths and/or weaknesses? 

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